Private Coaching 

90-days of personalized training plans, feedback, and accountability to get you back on track to meeting your goals. 

Got a trial-only issue you can't seem to solve? A training task you're stuck on and not sure how to progress? Maybe you do best with daily feedback and training plans tailored to you. If you're comfortable training on your own and need that extra boost of 1-1 feedback, private coaching is for you! 

Tune-Up Calls 

Monthly zoom calls with Megan to discuss how things are going and to adjust your training plans. 

Unlimited Video Feedback

Post all of the relevant training for Megan to review. 

FX Agility 

Access to all materials and a discounted invitation into the program after coaching has concluded. 

Ready to Dive in? 

In the first few days, there will be an "info-dump" while Megan learns about you and your dog. Then, training plans will be formed, you'll train, submit videos, and give feedback on the plans. Each time you post, Megan will give feedback and suggestions for adjustments that need to be made. Sometimes that means backing up a few more steps, or adding additional skills in order to get the issue solved and have you back to competing as quickly as possible. 

Sign-Up for Coaching